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Chris Stewart Dismantled The Impeachment Inquiry in 30 Seconds.


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Chris Stewart Dismantled The Impeachment Inquiry in 30 Seconds.

When Ambassador Yovanovitch sat down to testify before the impeachment inquiry yesterday, everyone expected her to provide information relevant to impeachment.

The Ambassador’s responses, however, were a bit shocking.

When asked by Republican congressman Chris Stewart if she had any information on Trump taking bribes or his involvement in criminal activity at all, Yovanovitch responded with “no” on both counts.

The line of questioning lasted all of 30 seconds. In less than a minute, Stewart was able to dismantle the entire premise of the impeachment inquiry.

The inquiry is a waste of everyone’s time and is preventing Congress from getting anything done. 

What do you think? Is the impeachment inquiry a waste of time?

Yes or No?

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White House Watch


Trump Live Tweets During Impeachment Inquiry

During Friday’s rounds of testimony in the impeachment inquiry, Trump live-tweeted his thoughts as he watched from afar.

In the middle of the hearing, Chairman Adam Schiff -D, paused the proceedings to read aloud Trump’s tweets and accuse the president of witness intimidation.

Unless the witness was reading the tweets as they testified (not likely), it sure was an odd way to try and intimidate someone.

Multiple Republicans pointed out that the attention given to the tweets was just a diversion from the real issue: the Democrats don’t have any relevant information, and the American people are starting to take notice.

What do you think? Does Trump have the right to voice his concerns via social media?

Yes or No

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Spin Control

Remember When Obama Fired All Bush-Era Ambassadors?

Democrats recently complained that Trump acted improperly when he fired diplomats and ambassadors from the previous administration, and without giving reason.

The liberals are trying to tie this to the impeachment inquiry. There’s just one big problem: Obama fired all of the Bush-era ambassador appointees during his time as president – and no one is saying he did anything improper.

Getting rid of diplomats and ambassadors that are holdovers from previous administrations is common-place.

And if the incoming president is from a different party than the previous president, it’s even more likely.

Presidents want to have people who are loyal to them and their particular diplomatic philosophy.

So unless the Democrats are willing to admit that Obama acted improperly, they need to drop the issue ASAP.

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Everyday America


Giant Boulder Disappears From National Park Then Reappears A Week Later

Park rangers have a creepy mystery on their hands.

Officials at Prescott National Park in Arizona discovered that a one-ton rock, commonly known as Wizard Rock, had disappeared from its location.

Given the boulder’s size and weight, rangers and locals don’t know how someone was able to move the stone without being seen.

Rangers made posts on social media, asking for the public’s help in retrieving the rock.

Then, just as mysteriously as the boulder vanished, it rematerialized on Halloween night.

The rangers still have no idea how the feat was accomplished.

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