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Is America doomed to be torn apart?


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Biden compliments Trump on transition outreach

Biden giving a speech
Image Source: Deadline

In a rare show of civility, the Biden transition team said that Trump’s outreach on providing a smooth transition has been “sincere.”

The comment comes after Trump gave the GSA the greenlight to begin providing transition resources to the Biden campaign.

Still, Trump has made it clear that he isn’t finished challenging the results of the 2020 election. There are still lawsuits being filed in several states. The possibility of one or more of those lawsuits reaching the Supreme Court hasn’t been ruled out.

The next few weeks should be very interesting for both the White House and the Biden team. Stay tuned!

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Is America doomed to be torn apart?

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Everyday America

A man saved his puppy from the jaws of an alligator

Man saves his puppy from the jaws of an alligator
Image Source: Sunny Skyz

Here is a scary reminder to always be cautious when you’re out with your pets near water.

A Florida man rescued his puppy from the jaws of an alligator recently, and it was all caught on camera.

Video from Florida Wildlife Federation camera shows Richard Wilbanks in his backyard with his dog, Gunner, when he suddenly heard the puppy cry out. That’s when Wilbanks saw the gator dragging the dog into the water. Wilbanks didn’t miss a beat and jumped into the small pond.

Wilbanks wrestled the gator and freed his dog from its jaws in a stunning rescue.

You can see the full video here!

If you have uplifting and heart-warming stories from your local area that exemplify everyday America, be sure to let us know. We just might include it in our next edition!

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