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It’s no secret that Joe Biden isn’t in charge


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It’s no secret that Joe Biden isn’t in charge

It's no secret that Joe Biden isn't in charge
Image Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The only real difference between 2020 Joe Biden and presidential Joe Biden is his home address. Anyone who has paid attention over the last year knows that Joe Biden isn’t in charge of the executive branch.

He wasn’t in charge of his own campaign while running for president. And that didn’t change on Inauguration Day.

Some are absolutely perplexed by progressives’ refusal to address Biden’s mental health decline. Maybe because that’s been the plan all along: ignore it until it’s absolutely unavoidable?

Remember, Joe Biden ran as a moderate. But the ideas and legislation coming from Congressional Democrats have been anything but moderate. So, the current situation where Biden hides away from the media to avoid scrutiny is advantageous to the Democratic Party.

They can’t move to replace Biden with Harris too quickly because people within their own party would cry foul. That’s why they’re simply making the best of an awkward situation. But even the mainstream media has its limits over Biden’s refusal to talk with them. At some point, they’re going to push back. And when they do, it’s going to get very interesting.

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Paul Mampilly is a Wall Street legend.

(Barron’s crowned his hedge fund as the “world’s best” and Kiplinger ranked it in the top 1%.)

But a few years ago, he left Wall Street.

“I just grew tired of helping the rich get richer,” Paul explains. “So I started sharing my No. 1 investment picks with Main Street Americans.”

And his No. 1 stock picks have been phenomenal.

In 2016, Paul’s No. 1 pick — Tableau Software — shot up 199%.

In 2017, Paul’s No. 1 pick — Foundation Medicine — shot up 524%.

In 2018, Paul’s No. 1 pick — Roku — shot up 393%.

In 2019, Paul’s No. 1 pick — MTech Acquisitions — shot up 332%.

But Paul believes his No. 1 stock pick for 2021 could go even higher.(By clicking this link you will be automatically opted in to Bold Profits Daily)

Everyday America

The pandemic has pushed more Americans to volunteer for the first time

The pandemic has pushed more Americans to volunteer for the first time
Image Source: Alex Mecl

According to a recent poll, more Americans are volunteering to help their local communities due to the pandemic. Just over 52% of 2,000 respondents said the pandemic pushed them to volunteer for the first time.

But seven out of ten people polled also admitted that they hesitated to help out due to safety concerns over the pandemic.

Still, helping with food deliveries to essential workers, assisting the elderly, and volunteering at a food pantry have been the top ways Americans have worked to give back to their communities.

The most touching part of the survey is that many respondents were inspired to volunteer because they knew of friends or neighbors who were in need.

If you have uplifting and heart-warming stories from your local area that exemplify everyday America, be sure to let us know. We just might include it in our next edition!

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