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Democrats block amendment to prevent illegal immigrants from buying guns, but pass new gun laws for us


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Portland’s mayor now wants more funding for police after Defund The Police campaign slashed budget

Police in riot gear
Image Source: ACLU of Oregon

Antifa is still burning down Portland, with no end in sight for the violence and rioting. And now, the city’s mayor wants more funding for police to stop them – after the Defund The Police campaign slashed the budget.

Portland leaders slashed around $16 million from the police budget last year in a political move to appease Antifa and the push to defund police departments across the country.

Sadly, it’s taken this much violence for Portland to figure out they were wrong. Just last night, Antifa attacked a federal courthouse as they attempted to break in and burn it down. Only one person has been arrested so far.

Oddly enough, both of Oregon’s senators still refuse to condemn Antifa and the ongoing violence.

Portland might have a hard time recruiting new police officers, given the current state of affairs.

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Everyday America

How this immigrant with just $300 in her pocket became a NASA engineer

Diana Trujillo
Image Source: NASA/Public Domain

For Diana Trujillo, the American Dream is alive and well because he’s personally lived it.

When she immigrated to the US from Columbia, she had just $300 and a dream to become an aerospace engineer.

After being sent to live with an aunt in Miami to learn English, Trujillo took housekeeping jobs to put herself through Miami Dade College.

After years of hard work, she landed at the NASA Academy. Eventually learning about robotics, she now heads a team of 45 engineers responsible for the new Perseverance Mars rover’s robotic arm.

Trujillo is proof that hard work and determination still pay off in this great country!

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