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Late-night Senate trial devolves into a shouting match


January 22, 2020

Daily DC Insider

McConnell’s Impeachment Rules Approved In Marathon Senate Session

In a marathon session that lasted well into the late hours of the evening, the Senate approved McConnell’s proposed rules for the impeachment trial.

The 12-hour session eventually devolved into a shouting match between Trump’s defense team and the Democratic managers.

A visibly frustrated Chief Justice Roberts admonished both Republicans and Democrats for misconduct in the Senate chamber.

The first full day of the Senate trial wrapped up at 1:40 AM ET. You can check out the full story below:Read More

White House Watch


Republicans Reject Schumer’s Request For White House Documents

Sen. Chuck Schumer’s request for White House documents related to the withholding of Ukrainian aid was defeated during yesterday’s Senate impeachment trial session.

The vote was 53-47, with all Republicans voting against the request.

So far, Republicans seem united in their strategy, with no signs of defection within the party.

Republicans have repeatedly called out House Democrats for trying to rehash their poorly conducted investigation all over again in the Senate.

What do you think? Should Democrats be allowed to request new information or witnesses?

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Financial Watch 


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Spin Control

Biden Campaign Ad Features Ukrainian Activist Who Criticized Hunter

A recently released campaign ad for Joe Biden featured a Ukranian activist who said during a previous interview that “Hunter Biden did a very bad thing and he was very wrong. He allowed his name to be abused.”

The comments came from Daria Kaleniuk, an anti-corruption activist that has been fighting Russian influence in Ukraine.

Joe has maintained that he knew nothing of the conflict of interest surrounding his son. That, however, directly contradicts statements made by Obama-era officials who said they raised concerns over the issue as far back as 2015.

What do you think? Did Joe know about his son’s conflict of interest in Ukraine?

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Everyday America

Michigan high school wrestling team pushes stuck car out of snow

At 5:30 a.m. Saturday morning, the Greenville High School wrestling team was heading to an all day tournament when they performed an act of kindness.

The team was driving to a tournament in Fenton when they stopped to help a driver who was stuck in the snow. 

One of the parents, Michelle Brown, posted about the moment on Facebook saying, “the goal of HS sports is to learn how to be a better person, better teammate, better communicate and to enjoy being a teenager.”

Check out the video taken by one of the parents:  

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