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Schiff: Russia will invade if Trump not removed


January 23, 2020

Daily DC Insider

Schiff: Trump Out To Steal 2020 Election, Russia Could Invade

Adam Schiff, acting as the lead House Manager of the Senate impeachment trial, commented during day two of the proceedings that Trump was working to steal the 2020 election.

Schiff also claimed that, if Trump wasn’t removed from office, Russia would possibly attack or invade the US.

Pundits on both sides roundly mocked his goofball comments. As one put it, “For all the talk about Russia undermining faith in US elections, how about Russiagaters like Schiff fear-mongering w/ hysterics like this? Let’s assume Ukraine did what Trump wanted: announce a probe of Burisma. Would that delegitimize a 2020 US election? This is a joke.”

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White House Watch


Rand Paul Invites Trump To Impeachment Trial As Personal Guest

Senator Rand Paul offered a personal invitation for President Trump to sit with him during the Senate impeachment trial after Trump commented that he would “love to sit in the front row and stare in their corrupt faces.”

Paul tweeted a picture of a Senate pass to the proceedings, saying the president was welcome to it so he could witness the political “charade” personally.

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Financial Forum

Former hedge fund manager slams Wall Street in viral video

One bold former hedge fund manager just went on camera to expose how Wall Street is failing American investors right now.

He’s boiled down what’s happening in the markets to just two words.

And he’s urging people to take notice. You’re not going to see the details of what he’s predicting anywhere in the news, especially not from the big banks on Wall Street.

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Spin Control

Biden Would Fire ICE Agents For Arresting Illegals For Drunk Driving

Joe Biden, while making remarks about how he would change the culture of ICE if elected, said that he would fire any agent who arrested illegal aliens for anything less than a felony – adding “and I don’t consider drunk driving as a felony.”

The odd comment raised eyebrows across the political spectrum this week, with the moderators of the forum where Biden made the comment visibly confused by the former vice-president’s response.

Joe’s words are just another example of genuinely how out of touch with the real world liberals are.

What do you think? Should ICE agents get fired for arresting drunk driving illegals?

Yes or No?

You can watch the clip of Biden’s comment right here:  

Everyday America


Homeless Vet With No Family Given Burial With Full Honors In Florida

John Meade was a friendly homeless man who would talk with anyone. But when he died in St. Augustine, Florida late last year, police realized he had rarely talked about himself. They had no one to call to deliver the news.

He “never bothered anybody. He never asked for anything,” St. Augustine police officer Steven Fischer told CNN.

Police eventually discovered that John Meade served in the US Army from 1966 to 1968. And a veteran, Fischer said, deserved to be recognized for his service with a proper burial.

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