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Protests break out at White House over Biden’s soft stance on Cuba


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Protests break out at White House over Biden’s soft stance on Cuba

Joe Biden
Image Source: New York Post

Protesters from across the country gathered in front of the White House on Sunday night in an attempt to persuade President Joe Biden to adopt a harder position in favor of anti-government activists in Cuba.

“We went in and killed Usama Bin Laden and didn’t ask anyone. Are you telling me someone from Cuba needs to do something as horrible as 9/11 to get the U.S. to do something?” said Maria Fundora, the head of a Texas-based group called Cuba Libre.

Perhaps one of the most feasible solutions appears to be the United States’ capacity to work around Cuba’s internet ban so people may better tell the world about the island’s circumstances.

But does the Biden administration care enough to actually do anything?

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Denver police officers
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