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AOC goes on crazy long-winded rant about Republicans


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Republicans march with protestors over Cuba’s freedom

People protesting over Cuban political crisis
 Image Source: Fox News

Several Republican legislators marched in D.C. on Monday alongside Cuban Americans and pro-democracy protestors to urge the Biden administration to assist the Cuban people in their battle for independence.

“We will prevail if we show up every day and make sure Biden shows up every day,” said Rick Scott who joined the protestors.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., wrote to President Joe Biden on Monday, urging a meeting to explore the best methods to help the Cuban people fight against the “oppressive regime in Havana.”

And Democrats are in an awkward position. While they love a good protest, they don’t want to offend their socialist friends in the Cuban regime. Maybe that’s why more Cuban-Americans are starting to align with the GOP?

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AOC goes on crazy long-winded rant about Republicans

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Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness

Could a lockdown 2.0 be on the horizon?

A person at a computer
Image Source: Better Way To Wealth

I’ve been checking out what my friend Tim Melvin has been up to. And I have to say; it’s pretty interesting!

With everything going on in the economy right now, hardworking Americans need to keep an eye on their finances and portfolios. And if you’re not much of an investor, it’s time to change that.

Tim’s taking his years of experience in the financial industry and building an initiative for people just like you. Check out this chat I had with Tim about the possible economic fallout if the US went into lockdown again. It’s something that hardworking Americans and business owners are really worried about. So, what happens if we shut down the economy again? Find out today!

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