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Democrats are growing impatient with Joe Biden over this policy fumble


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Are Trump supporters enemies of the state? One reporter thinks so

Soldiers outside of Capitol Hill
Image Source: AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin

A reporter for the New York Times made it clear that anyone who supports Donald Trump is an enemy of the state. Why? Because of January 6th, of course!

The drama that has flowed from the new Capitol Hill riot commission is enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool. And the left-wing media is absolutely loving it.

According to the left, nearly half of Americans are security threats to the US government and need to be dealt with. Yikes. That’s a pretty bold thing to say — no wonder the tweets were deleted right after they were posted.

But this is what the left really thinks of conservatives right now. Don’t let them try to fool you!

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Democrats are growing impatient with Joe Biden over this policy fumble

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Everyday America

Texas police bought this elderly woman a new fridge and groceries

Texas police officers in a citizen's home
Image Source: Seguin Police Department

Officer Dustin Kincade of the Seguin Police Department recently paid a visit to a residence after receiving a call asking for officers to check on an elderly woman.

“I was just talking to her a little bit and she told me her refrigerator went out, she’s on a fixed income and she didn’t know how she would get it fixed or get a new one and afford to buy food,” said Officer Kincade.

That’s when the department decided to rise to the occasion and help one of its citizens.

What they did next is heartwarming. Read it for yourself!

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