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Trump has harsh words for Republicans after they made this announcement


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Psaki struggles to defend the CDC’s latest flip flop on masks

Jen Psaki
Image Source: The Blaze

Masks won’t be needed. Oh, wait, we need the vulnerable to wear masks. Just kidding, everyone has to wear masks but just inside. So we’re going to need everyone to wear masks everywhere now.

The above may sound like the rantings of a deranged lunatic, but it’s an example of how many times the CDC has flipped-flopped on mask mandates during the pandemic. And the crazy thing is that they’re doing it again.

In yet another about-face, the CDC is recommending that vaccinated individuals wear masks when indoors. The decision has many experts scratching their heads. 

There’s also concern that the decision will make people question the effectiveness of the vaccine. That was one reporter’s point when they asked the White House why they were pushing this decision if they wanted people to get the vaccine.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki struggled to give an answer that made any sense.

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Trump has harsh words for Republicans after they made this announcement

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Not only is China testing new digital currency wallets…

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Everyday America

An elderly woman and young child formed a heartwarming bond

Benjamin and Mary
Image Source: Sarah Olson

Despite a 97-year age gap, two Minneapolis neighbors formed a deep friendship throughout the pandemic. Mary is 99 years old. Benjamin is two years old.

“Benjamin just turned 2 years old, we’ve been neighbors with Mary long before he was born,” said Benjamin’s mom, Sarah Olson.

The Olsons began to spend more time in their yard, and Mary began to spend more time in hers. Benjamin started to play with Mary more as he grew older and learned to walk and talk.

“We learned how much she looked forward to seeing him playing in the yard and how Benjamin kind of kept her going in the pandemic when she wasn’t able to see anyone else,” Sarah said.

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