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The Bidens plan to celebrate 100 days of doing nothing for the country


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Vice President Harris continues to ignore the border crisis

Kamala Harris walking
Image Source: Gateway Pundit

Vice President Kamala Harris is making it clear that she doesn’t care about the ongoing immigration crisis at the US-Mexico border.

When asked by a reporter during a trip to New Hampshire when she planned to visit the border, Harris simply ignored the question.

Harris is apparently too busy trying to sell Biden’s job-killing economic policies to be bothered by the very problem that Joe assigned to her.

Despite her status as Biden’s “border czar,” Harris has done very little to address the humanitarian disaster at the border.

And though she has no plans to visit any detention centers or border towns, she’s openly talked about traveling to Central American countries. As if she can’t make a stop in Texas on the way?

The Vice President’s response to questions about the border is typical. We have an administration that has no plans to do anything about immigration. At this point, they’re hoping everyone will forget about the problem.

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Everyday America

This student helped raise money for a teacher living in his car

A check being presented
Image Source: USA Today

Substitute teachers may not always get a lot of respect in the classroom, but one in southern California has learned what a big impact he made on former students.

Jose Villarruel has been living out of his car in Fontana, California, for the last several years. Early one morning, Steven Nava saw a man in a parking lot. “Throughout the day, I was just thinking, ‘Wait, wait, wait, I think that’s my substitute teacher,'” Nava said, eventually realizing it was Mr. V, who taught him at Fontana High School.

Nava says he remembered Mr. V because of how nice he was to the students and was really funny. That day, Nava started a GoFundMe for Mr. V and then made a TikTok video viewed more than 1.7 million times. A total of $27,000 in donations rolled in. 

A large group of former students came together to surprise him with a large check.

If you have uplifting and heart-warming stories from your local area that exemplify everyday America, be sure to let us know. We just might include it in our next edition!

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