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The House just caved on one of Trump’s demands


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The House just caved on one of Trump’s demands

The House just caved on one of Trump's demands
Image Source: Fox News

A day after President Trump signed the new stimulus package into law, the House approved a measure that would increase checks to struggling Americans from $600 to $2000 per individual.

The move comes after Trump harshly criticized Congress for putting foreign governments and wasteful spending ahead of the needs of hard working Americans.

Trump signed the bill with the expectation that Congress would fix the pork-laden bill. While lawmakers have yet to address the special interest line items, at least they’ve taken action on the check issue.

But the measure faces an uphill battle in the GOP-controlled Senate, where fiscal conservatives are likely to vote against the increase in payments.

While it’s understandable why they want to limit spending, these unprecedented times require some give and take when it comes to politics.

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Do you know these important steps to take?

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President-elect Joe Biden has made lots of promises starting on “Day One” or early in his presidency…

He’s promised to undo many of Trump’s tax cuts… boost workers’ rights to unionize… ban natural gas leasing on federal lands… pass new anti-discrimination protections… rescind Trump’s travel bans… and much, much more.

Not to mention the changes we’ll inevitably see because of all the new money printing and debt that’s accumulated over the past few years…

And that progressives will soon usher through Congress…

There’s absolutely no doubt that the next few years are going to see massive transformations to our financial system.

 Which is why Porter Stansberry, Founder of Stansberry Research, says there are 3 critical steps every American must take with your money, starting immediately.

Everyday America

This homeless man rescued animals from a burning shelter

This homeless man rescued animals from a burning shelter
Image Source: W-Underdogs

Thanks to his quick thinking, a homeless man in Atlanta is being hailed as a hero after saving animals from a shelter fire.

Keith Walker, 53, saved the lives of ten cats and six dogs that were trapped in the W-Underdogs shelter after a fire broke out in its kitchen.

Walker was coming back to get his pet dog after boarding him there for the night when he discovered the fire. He ran in and saved every animal there as firefighters were unable to wrangle the animals while also fighting the flames.

Had it not been for Walker, all of the animals at W-Underdogs would have perished. For more details about Walker’s heroics, be sure to keep reading!

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