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Is the Wisconsin case headed to the Supreme Court?


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Is the Wisconsin case headed to the Supreme Court?

Donald Trump
Image Source: CNBC

Trump’s legal team looks to be tossing a Hail Mary by asking the Supreme Court to take up the Wisconsin absentee ballot case.

The state court rejected Trump’s argument that there were irregularities in how absentee ballots were requested and cast, effectively allowing illegal votes to influence the final tally. There are more than enough questionable ballots to overturn the Biden victory.

With the congressional certification of the electoral college vote just days away, Trump’s lawyers asked SCOTUS to expedite the case.

If the Supreme Court agrees to hear the case and rules in Trump’s favor, the Wisconsin results could be overturned and the state’s electoral college votes handed over to Trump.

But if the legal challenge is unsuccessful, Joe Biden will be inaugurated on January 20th.

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Everyday America

This supermarket chain gave aid to struggling restaurants

This supermarket chain gave aid to struggling restaurants
Image Source: New York Post

Schnucks Supermarket is helping local restaurants hit hard by the pandemic by giving over $200K worth of gift cards to its employees to be spent at establishments in the area.

The supermarket chain’s CEO explained the gesture was a way to help out both company employees and restaurants during a difficult holiday season. 

“We’re a family-owned business. We’ve been in business for 81 years, and we often talk about being a company of families, and in this case, we thought about our food family and broader than just our own business,” said CEO Todd Schnuck.

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