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This CNN reporter admits media bias against the president


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This CNN reporter admits media bias against the president

Donald Trump speaking at a podium
Image Source: OAN Newsroom

Jim Acosta, one of the most prominent anti-Trump journalists on the air, recently admitted that the mainstream media is biased against President Trump.

The news isn’t shocking to anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock. But the hubris behind the admission is stunning.

Acosta and fellow CNN journalists openly confessed that being antagonistic toward the president has benefitted their careers as reporters. Acosta himself proudly explained that maintaining a hostile relationship with the president drew national attention and boosted his status as a CNN reporter.

But Acosta was quick to point out that he wasn’t the only journalist benefiting from bashing the president. According to Acosta, numerous White House correspondents were inundated with book deals and speaking engagements that paid well because they repeatedly heaped criticism on Trump.

So there you have it – the mainstream media finally admits it was good business to mistreat Donald Trump on-air and in print!

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Everyday America

Light at the end of the tunnel

Lottery tickets
Image Source: N.C. Education Lottery

A laid-off preschool teacher in North Carolina has won a $250,000 prize from a scratch-off lotto ticket.

Joe Camp had been a preschool teacher in Charlotte for 20 years before he lost his job in September. To make ends meet, he found a job at a car dealership. At the same time, he decided to buy two scratch-off tickets at a local gas station.

Camp said he fell to his knees while pumping gas when he discovered that he had won. After taxes, Camp claimed a cool $176,876. Camp said he plans to use his winnings to save for his daughter’s future and buy a home.

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