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The liberal media is ignoring this critical poll about Biden and the economy


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DC forced to walk back efforts to defund the police

Cop cars in DC
Image Source: Fox News

After Mayor Muriel Bowser suggested spending $11 million on recruiting extra police officers for the city’s force, the Washington, D.C. City Council overwhelmingly approved a “compromise” package on Tuesday.

The move is both hilarious and sad because DC was actively working to defund its police force in the name of equality and tolerance. But things have gotten so bad in the city that the mayor was forced to beg for more police officers to combat crime.

But will the effort work? Many major cities are struggling to find law enforcement recruits, thanks to how police officers have been treated over the past year.

This is just another example of how liberal policies ultimately fail and end up hurting everyone.

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The liberal media is ignoring this critical poll about Biden and the economy

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Everyday America

Teen surprises former coach with emotional adoption ask

People standing on a beach
Image Source: TT Creative

An Alabama teenager made a heartwarming gesture to her foster family when she asked them if they would adopt her.

Daniel Donaldson and his family had always left it up to their foster daughter to decide whether or not she wanted to be officially adopted. Alecia decided to make things official after 524 days by planning a birthday surprise.

You can read more about the beautiful event here! Make sure you have tissues handy.

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