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There’s more trouble ahead for the Clinton gang


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Democrats worry that Harris can’t beat Republicans in 2024

Vice President Harris
Image Source: Mandel Ngan

Democrats are raising concerns that Kamala Harris can’t beat the GOP nominee in 2024, even if it ends up being Donald Trump.

The whispers and discussions behind closed doors force me to ask one question: are Democrats admitting that Joe Biden won’t make it through his first term?

Why else would they care about Harris’ prospects in the 2024 presidential election? Apparently, White House officials who work closely with the vice-president worry that her mishandling of sensitive political issues has doomed any chances of her being president in the next election.

It’s an interesting admission, given how White House staffers have done everything they can to hide the fact that Joe Biden isn’t fit to be president in the first place.

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There’s more trouble ahead for the Clinton gang

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Everyday America

Rescued bald eagle finds home at Houston Zoo

A bald eagle in flight
Image Source: 417 Magazine

A bald eagle that survived the massive winter storm back in February has a new home in Texas.

After suffering an open wing fracture during the snowfall, Mae, named after Mae Jemison, the first Black female astronaut in space, arrived at the Houston Zoo last month.

Officials are encouraging people to visit Mae at her new enclosure to see how wildlife experts help rehabilitate injured animals.

“By visiting the Houston Zoo, guests are contributing to wildlife-saving efforts ensuring that animals, like the United States’ national symbol, the bald eagle, are protected. A portion of each Zoo admission and membership goes toward protecting animals in the wild,” said a spokesperson for the zoo.

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