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These voters are on the move


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Will the president ever get a stimulus bill?

President Trump at his desk
Image Source: Time Magazine

The president has made it clear that he’s ready to sign a bipartisan stimulus bill if/when it reaches his desk.

The problem is that Congress still can’t get its act together and come up with something everyone agrees on.

Despite a bipartisan group coming up with a reasonable bill a few days ago, both Pelosi and Schumer demanded that more negotiations take place.

At this rate, economically vulnerable Americans are getting left behind thanks to our congressional leaders’ failures and posturing.

Meanwhile, Trump sits ready to sign a bill into law, knowing full well that’s the last thing Democrats want.

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These voters are on the move

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Everyday AmericaThese paratroopers donated toys to needy children

These paratroopers donated toys to needy children
Image Source: MSN

Paratroopers from Fort Bragg, North Carolina worked to gather over 1,500 toys for local kids in need.

The effort was carried out in conjunction with the Travis Mills Foundation, an organization that treats wounded military veterans’ families to vacation getaways.

For their contributions, the paratroopers were given the chance to enter a raffle for a jump with the Chilean military, earning them a special uniform patch.

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