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Trump has officially conceded the 2020 election


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Trump has officially conceded the 2020 election

Trump has officially conceded the 2020 election
Image Source: The Federalist

Through a Twitter video posted last night, President Trump has officially conceded the 2020 election and promised a smooth transition of power for Joe Biden.

The announcement came after multiple social media platforms banned Trump’s account due to the Capitol Hill incident on Wednesday. Trump came under fire from both sides of the political aisle for his handling of the aftermath, with many claiming he fanned the flames that led to the storming of the House rotunda. So far, five people have died due to the incident.

Nancy Pelosi and fellow Democrats have called on Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump, though Pence refused a meeting with Pelosi to discuss the matter.

President Trump also made it clear that those who stormed the Capitol would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of federal law.

This story is developing, so keep your eyes and ears open for more details.

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President-elect Joe Biden has made lots of promises starting on “Day One” or early in his presidency…
He’s promised to undo many of Trump’s tax cuts… boost workers’ rights to unionize… ban natural gas leasing on federal lands… pass new anti-discrimination protections… rescind Trump’s travel bans… and much, much more.
Not to mention the changes we’ll inevitably see because of all the new money printing and debt that’s accumulated over the past few years…
And that progressives will soon usher through Congress…
There’s absolutely no doubt that the next few years are going to see massive transformations to our financial system.
Which is why Porter Stansberry, Founder of Stansberry Research, says there are 3 critical steps every American must take with your money, starting immediately.

Everyday America

An Uber passenger helped his driver go to college

An Uber passenger helped his driver go to college
Image Source: Georgia State University Perimeter College

It’s not every day that a total stranger helps change your life forever, but that’s what happened to Latonya Young.

Young was driving for Uber to help pay off outstanding bills when she happened to pick up Kevin Esch as a passenger one day. The two chatted about their lives when Young explained how she wished she could go back to school. Esch promptly gave her a tip to cover her bills and told her to make it happen.

Later on, Esch helped Young pay administrative fees so she could enroll in an associate’s program. Now, Young is on her way to completing her undergraduate in criminal justice this year.

You can check out the full story here!

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