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Arizona is suing the Biden administration, and you get one guess as to why


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Arizona is suing the Biden administration, and you get one guess as to why

The White House
Image Source: ABC

Arizona is suing the Biden administration for violating environmental laws. But the logic behind the lawsuit is pretty interesting.

According to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, by ignoring the crisis at the border, the White House is allowing the influx of illegal immigrants to have a “devastating impact” on the state’s environment.

“In this lawsuit, we allege the Biden administration is violating the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA), what the left uses to stop highway projects, airport reconstruction, and all that other stuff,” said Brnovich.

It’s an interesting take on a major problem. And it could put liberals in a tough spot. For one, they want to get behind anything that argues for protecting the environment. But supporting this lawsuit also means they’ll have to admit that Biden’s immigration policies are failing.

If this lawsuit works out, the White House won’t be able to wiggle its way out of this problem any longer.

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