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This Democrat is officially calling for anarchy across the entire country


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How California Democrats want to bully voters that signed Newsom’s recall petition

Gavin Newsom
Image Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

California liberals are at it again. They’re trying to change recall rules mid game in an effort to keep Governor Newsom in office.

Right now, government officials facing a recall don’t get an actual copy of the names and addresses of the people who sign a recall petition, and for obvious reasons.

But now, Democratic lawmakers want to change that because, they argue, that many voters are too dumb to understand what they signed. Democrats want to pay a visit to those voters and explain to them what’s really going on.

In other words, they want to intimidate the citizens of California in hopes they’ll withdraw their signatures from the recall petition. 

But here’s the reality of the situation: an official who faces a recall election has ample opportunity to convince the public why they shouldn’t be removed from office, Because, you know, it’s an election?

It’s all just another example of liberals gaming the system and trying to take power away from the voting public.

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This Democrat is officially calling for anarchy across the entire country

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Everyday America

A Massachusetts woman was reunited with her lost dog after 5 years

The scrappy puppy
Image Source: Renee Perry

According to a local report, an adorable pooch that went missing five years ago was finally reunited with her owner after ruffing it alone on the streets of Massachusetts.

“How did this dog eat? How did it make five winters in Massachusetts?” asked a Needham Animal Control Officer.

Bay, a Basenji, ran off while at a sitter’s house in Framingham in 2016 and was spotted 10 miles away in Needham.

The scrappy puppy was treated at Highland Animal Hospital in Needham, then a microchip scan revealed her owner’s details, and she was returned home.

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