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Backing Trump Impeachment Will Be A Disaster For Democrats


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Backing Trump Impeachment Will Be A Disaster For Democrats

In an on-air interview with local public radio, Democrat Representative Cindy Axne of Iowa admitted that backing impeachment of President Trump is “absolutely a disaster.”

Though Axne claims she will support the impeachment inquiry, at least she’s honest about the political implications for Democrats if they try to oust Trump.

Axne represents a battleground district where Trump soundly defeated Clinton in 2016. Add in the fact that she’s a freshman representative, and Axne is particularly vulnerable going into the 2020 election.

While certainly a minority, more Democrats are speaking up about the possible political fallout for their party if they continue to push impeachment.

Too many Democrats in congress will have to defend their actions in districts that could very well vote for Trump in 2020. It’s almost political suicide!

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White House Watch

Clinton Calls For More Electable Democratic Candidates

In an unusual about-face, Hillary Clinton is telling Democrats to support a moderate candidate than can win the electoral college.

For the past two years, Clinton has criticized the electoral college system, supporting the idea of doing away with the process in favor of a popular vote for presidential elections.

Clinton’s comments seem to hint at DNC leadership growing concerned with the current set of Democratic candidates.

Many pundits have criticized the far-left turn that many of the Democrat candidates have taken, with Elizabeth Warren recently spooking economists and Wall Street experts with her policy stances.

Do you think the Democrats will listen to Clinton’s advice or continue to field candidates that are tone-deaf to the needs of average Americans?

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Spin Control

Democrats Cherry-Picking Transcript Information

Democrats continue to selectively release transcript information from their impeachment inquiry despite voting to begin opening up the process to the public.

Special Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker, for example, has some interesting things to say about the infamous Ukraine phone call.

Buried in the testimony transcripts, Volker made it clear that there was no connection between the phone call and Trump refusing to meet with Ukraine’s president unless an investigation on the Bidens happened.

Volker also stated that the security hold on aid to Ukraine was insignificant and had nothing to do with any quid pro quo request from the president.

None of this, however, was submitted to the media by the Democrats.

The Local Conservative will continue to examine the transcripts to bring you the truth of what’s happening in the inquiry. Stay tuned!

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Everyday America


Nurse Adopts Patient So He Can Get Heart Transplant

An ICU nurse in Georgia adopted a 27-year-old man so he would become eligible for a heart transplant.

Jonathan Pinkard collapsed at work one day and was rushed to the ER. Doctors determined that his heart was failing and he would need a transplant.

Pinkard, however, was not eligible for the procedure because he had no family or support network.

One of his nurses, Lori Wood, offered to become Pinkard’s legal guardian so that he would receive the life-saving procedure.

Pinkard agreed, and Wood officially adopted him.

There are still good people out there who genuinely care!

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