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Texas Bans State Income Tax…Again. What The Bipartisan Vote Really Means


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Texas Bans State Income Tax…Again. What The Bipartisan Vote Really Means

76% of Texan voters passed a state constitutional ban on levying an income tax, even though such a tax has already been done away with for years.

The amendment saw bipartisan support in a state that flaunts its conservative roots.

Both Liberals and Conservatives in Texas have realized that taking less money from hard-working Americans is an excellent economic policy that benefits everyone.

While Texas voters in 1993 supported an initiative that required any state-level income tax to be approved by both the state legislature and a popular referendum, that wasn’t quite good enough for some Texas politicians.

Proposition 4 easily passed on Tuesday. Now, a two-thirds super-majority is required before an income tax can be implemented in Texas.

The proposition garnered significant support from Democrats in the state.

Our federal representatives should take a serious look at the results in Texas as they debate tax policy and the issue of who is paying their fair share.

For Texans, at least, both sides of the political aisle seem to agree that average Americans like you and me are already paying enough!

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White House Watch

Rand Paul Blocks Senate Push to Protect Whistleblower

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has blocked a senate push to maintain the anonymity of the infamous Ukraine phone call “whistleblower.”

People like you and me who care about consistency should note that Paul has been an outspoken supporter of federal protections for whistleblowers, making sure that employers could not retaliate against those who expose egregiously unlawful behavior.

That doesn’t mean, however, that whistleblowers should enjoy perpetual anonymity from those whom they lob accusations against.

Rand Paul has been accused of many things, but to try and argue that he’s a Trump yes-man is ridiculous. The libertarian-leaning senator has clashed with the Trump administration on several occasions.

Paul argued that Democrats, rather than focusing on trying to keep the Ukraine whistleblower anonymous, should pass a resolution Paul originally presented that would protect all whistleblowers.

Democrats refused to play ball, so Paul withheld his support from the unanimous consent request, which subsequently failed.

If Democrats were honestly concerned about whistleblower protections, they would have supported Paul’s proposal.

They don’t, however, care about protecting people with legitimate accusations.

You, of course, already knew that.

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Spin Control

Trump Reads Whistleblower’s Attorney’s 2017 Call For Impeachment At Louisiana Rally

During a rally in Louisiana, Trump pulled from his pocket and read aloud printed copies of tweets from the infamous whistleblower’s attorney, Mark Zaid, where he called for a political coup against Trump in 2017.

“Coup has started. First of many steps,” Zaid wrote in early 2017. “Rebellion, Impeachment will follow ultimately.”

Such tweets most likely reveal that certain liberals have been working to orchestrate an overthrow of the Trump presidency well before the so-called Ukraine phone call ever became an issue.

Of course, you know what this is ultimately about: Clinton losing to Trump in 2016!

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Everyday America


High School Football Player Takes Moment To Pray For Opponent’s Mom Battling Cancer

Sometimes, sports can lead to embarrassing behavior from red-blooded Americans. Other times, it can reveal how American’s truly care for one another.

In an impressive show of compassion, a local Texas high school football player took a moment after a game to pray with a player from the opposing team.

Gage Smith approached Ty Jordan, whose mom is battling cancer, so that he could pray with him after their match.

Smith stated that “when you’re playing the game, you’re playing to win, and the other team is the enemy. But afterward, you still have respect for the other opponent.”

May we all learn a valuable lesson from the example of this young man!

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