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Democrats Are Attending Trump Rallies


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Democrats Are Attending Trump Rallies

Following a Trump rally in Tupelo last week, the president’s campaign manager released some stunning statistics.

A survey of the rally attendees revealed that nearly 30% of the packed house was made up of registered Democrats!

The arena where the rally occurred, which holds up to 10,000 people, was at max capacity with an overflow section also filled.

That means around 3,000 Democrats showed up to a Trump rally in Mississippi during the early stages of what’s sure to be a tough election year.

Pundits theorize such a shocking occurrence could reveal how some Democrats have become disenchanted with the DNC’s current field of candidates.

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White House Watch

Trump Honors Washington Nationals During White House Visit

Celebrating their World Series win, the Washington Nationals baseball team visited the White House yesterday following an invitation from President Trump.

The Nationals made franchise history with their championship win this year, as well as giving DC their first World Series win since 1924.

While celebrating at the White House, Trump warmly hugged Nationals catcher Kurt Suzuki while Suzuki wore a red MAGA hat.

The only member of the team to decline the White House invitation was relief pitcher Sean Doolittle.

That’s too bad because it looks like he missed out on a great time!

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Spin Control

AP Poll: 59% Say Trump’s Interactions with Ukraine Neither Illegal Nor Wrong

A new poll conducted by the Associated Press shows that nearly 6 out of every 10 Americans think Trump’s phone call with Ukraine was neither illegal nor wrong.

Nearly 30% of the respondents believed that while the phone call was unethical, it was not illegal. Another 30% think that Trump did nothing wrong at all during the phone call.

Not Surprisingly, nearly 70% of Democrats believe that Trump’s actions were somehow illegal.

In the end, we know that no amount of polling will stop Democrats from continuing to spin the data to support their push for impeachment.

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Everyday America


14-Year-Old Finds Way To Eliminate Blind Spots

A teenager from Pennsylvania has found a way to eliminate blind spots in vehicles, and her invention has earned her a $25,000 prize.

Alaina Gassler placed cameras on the exterior of the support pillars in the cab of a car. The cameras send video to a projector that displays the images on the interior of the posts, effectively making them invisible.

Gassler’s invention won her the top spot in a nationwide STEM competition.

Here’s hoping Alaina’s invention becomes a standard feature in all vehicles!

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