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Elizabeth Warren Wants You To Pay For Her $9 Trillion Healthcare Plan


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Elizabeth Warren Wants You To Pay For Her $9 Trillion Healthcare Plan

On Friday, Elizabeth Warren released the details of her single-payer healthcare plan. Warren has long claimed that her proposal wouldn’t raise taxes on the working-class.

But, surprise, her plan does just that. Warren’s Medicare-for-all initiative would levy what is essentially a $9 trillion (that’s TRILLION with a T) payroll tax on employers.

Maybe I’m wrong, but that sure sounds like a tax to me. Even Warren’s fellow Democrats and liberal economists that support a single-payer system are calling it a tax.

Only liberal logic would argue for a new tax while denying the very definition of taxation.

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White House Watch


White House Slams Judge’s Ruling On New Immigration Rule

The White House issued a statement yesterday, sharply criticizing a federal judge for blocking the president’s new immigration policy.

The new rule would require that migrants requesting certain visas would have to obtain health insurance or prove that they can cover certain medical expenses.

The White House condemned the ruling, citing Supreme Court precedent that clearly states that federal immigration law “exudes deference to the President in every clause.”

The judge, an Obama appointee, issued a nationwide injunction, effectively stopping the new rule from being implemented.

While the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare, forcing American citizens to purchase health insurance or face a fine, a federal district judge doesn’t think the same principle should apply to visa applicants.

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Spin Control


Whistleblower Suddenly Agrees To Answer GOP Questions

In a shocking development, the lawyer representing the Ukraine whistleblower has announced that his client is prepared to answer questions from Republicans.

Mark Zaid, representing the still-anonymous whistleblower, released a statement saying his client would answer written questions from GOP representatives and would respond under oath and penalty of perjury.

Zaid specifically said the offer allows Republicans to circumvent Adam Schiff, who is leading the impeachment inquiry. “Obviously, per House rules GOP is beholden to DEMs. We, however, are not.” Zaid tweeted.

Zaid warned, however, that any questions regarding the identity of his client would go unanswered.

While this may seem like an attempt to prove to Republicans that the whistleblower’s information is legitimate, the timing of the decision shows that Zaid is merely trying to prevent Republicans and the White House from making public the identity of the whistleblower.

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Everyday America


Goats Helped Save Ronald Reagan Library

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library was saved, in part, by the hard work of goats.

When the Easy Fire broke out in California last week, flames came within a few feet of the library. The building didn’t sustain any damage, though, thanks to a fire break created by the goats.

Every May, the grounds crew brings in goats to eat the vegetation that grows near the library. Firefighters credited the practice with saving the structure from destruction.

The library holds numerous presidential documents, letters, and even an old Air Force One used by the late president.

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