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Biden can’t seem to get the details right for his own tax bill


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The CNN ratings fiasco is embarrassing for mainstream media

The CNN ratings fiasco is embarrassing for mainstream media
Image Source: CNN

Americans are growing less interested in the mainstream media. And the shift isn’t limited to conservatives. Even liberals and moderates are getting tired of the rhetoric spewed by the media.

Case in point: CNN. The major news network has seen a dramatic drop in its ratings. And we all know that it’s not conservatives leaving in droves. We only watch CNN on occasion to get a good laugh. No, it’s liberals who are getting bored with the constant gaslighting and lying.

It’s gotten so bad that one show, in particular, has basically become a joke. Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources has struggled over the last few months. He’s constantly ranting about Trump (who isn’t in office) and can’t seem to eke out a single ounce of real journalism.

The funny thing is that his show recently got a ratings boost. But what’s embarrassing is that it happened while Stelter was on vacation, and a colleague served as a guest host. Ouch.

That just proves that people are getting tired of the same-old agenda that CNN keeps pushing.

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Everyday America

Man receives new car thanks to stranger

Man receives new car thanks to stranger
Image Source: Toledo WTVG

A man is getting a new car after a chance encounter with a total stranger. John Brandeberry was walking along the highway in Toledo, Ohio, during a major snowstorm.

That’s when Jimmy Preston spotted him and decided to give him a ride to his job at Kroger.

Preston was moved by Brandeberry’s situation and decided to do something about it. He partnered with a local non-profit and got the funds to buy Brandeberry a new car! How often do people buy cars for strangers? What a touching act of kindness.

If you have uplifting and heart-warming stories from your local area that exemplify everyday America, be sure to let us know. We just might include it in our next edition!

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