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Latest jobs report is the worst in decades. Biden says it’s the right move…


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Latest jobs report is the worst in decades. Biden says it’s the right move…

President Joe Biden
Image Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

The latest jobs report was so shockingly bad that some reporters literally did a double-take while on live TV as the numbers rolled out.

Of course, you’d expect the Biden administration to spin the data in some way. But we should give the president a bit of a break. All politicians spin the truth to some degree. Biden’s response, however, went well beyond that.

President Biden literally said that the numbers proved the economy is headed in the right direction. If he means toward the proverbial toilet, then he’s correct.

Many reporters were left scratching their heads over the comment. Was it another Biden gaffe? Did he not read the report? Did no one in the White House brief him on the numbers when they came out?

And this wasn’t just a trivial drop in the employment numbers. It’s the worst report in decades. But Biden swears that’s a good thing. How does that make any sense? Maybe it was a Freudian slip.

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Everyday America

Unwanted dog becomes police department’s first K9 in decades

A picture of Arrow, a LSPD K-9
Image Source: Lower Southampton Police Department/Twitter

Arrow, a Belgian Malinois, is the first K-9 for the Lower Southampton Township Police Department since the 1960s.

He had spent almost eight months at the Burlington County Animal Shelter before becoming a police dog.

Since early last year, Arrow had been surrendered to the shelter twice. Arrow didn’t get along with the family’s other pet, according to one owner, and another considered Arrow to be overprotective of his wife.

To minimize the number of dogs returning to the shelter due to missed adoptions, the shelter is trying to help assess dogs and their needs, as the shelter did with Arrow.

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