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First Democrat Signals He’s Not Voting For Impeachment Bill


October 30, 2019

Daily DC Insider

First Democrat Signals He’s Not Voting For Impeachment Bill

In a move that likely hints at trouble for Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry bill, Representative Jeff Van Drew, a Democrat from New Jersey, has announced that he will not vote for the bill.

Trump won Van Drew’s district in 2016, so there could be political ramifications if he openly supported impeachment.

When asked for his reasoning for not voting for the bill, Van Drew responded that he has always maintained impeachment would be bad for both Democrats and Republicans.

It’s unlikely that Van Drew is the only Democrat who has doubts about the impeachment proceedings.

Thursday’s vote should be interesting!

Take a moment and read Van Drew’s comments on the Impeachment dilemma here.

White House Watch

Trump Dedicated To Combating Human Trafficking


The president’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons released a new report, reiterating Trump’s commitment to combat human trafficking.


The report documented how prosecutions against traffickers have increased by 75% with convictions more than doubling under the current administration.


The US efforts to end human trafficking extend overseas, as the Trump Administration has made it clear that it is committed to “thwarting all forms of human trafficking within the United States, at our border, and internationally.”


I encourage you to read the full report here, as these sorts of things tend to get lost in the political noise. Ending human trafficking, however, is a critical issue for the president.

Spin Control

Liberals Continue To Spin Poll Data

In a new poll conducted by Suffolk University for USA Today, fewer Americans are supporting the impeachment push.

While many Americans are concerned with the content of Trump’s phone call with Ukraine, only 38% believe it was an impeachable offense.

Democrats, however, keep claiming that the American people support the impeachment inquiry. As the proceedings drag on, it appears that the American people are losing their patience.

Just like the Russia investigation, it looks as if the impeachment proceedings are gearing up to deliver another nothing-burger.

Take a moment and see the new poll data for yourself here.

Everyday America

Retail Worker Finds $7K in Used Jacket, Returns It.

A worker at the resale store Plato’s Closet in an Indiana town discovered $7,000 in a secondhand jacket. Instead of keeping the cash, the worker did the right thing and returned it.

It turns out that the man who sold the jacket to the store had forgotten the secret stash of “emergency cash.”

While the man was grateful, there was no reward for the worker’s act of honesty.

Still, the employee and her manager both agreed that doing the right thing is a reward in and of itself.

Read the full story here if you want evidence that there are still people willing to do the right thing, regardless of the outcome.

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