Home Archives Is anyone surprised that Biden is failing miserably at this big goal?

Is anyone surprised that Biden is failing miserably at this big goal?


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How the president’s ridiculous budget proposal reduces mothers to ‘birthing people’

Mother holds her newborn baby
Image Source: Getty Images

Mothers are now considered “birthing people,” apparently, according to the latest $6 trillion budget proposal from the president’s desk. The rhetoric is supposedly intended to be inclusive to those biological women who identify as men, but could, theoretically, still give birth to children. 

The rhetoric appears in a passage about the $200 million that President Joe Biden earmarked “to help end this high rate of maternal mortality and race-based disparities in outcomes among birthing people.” 

The verbiage has been celebrated, no doubt, by members of the woke left community. 

“It was really empowering and scientifically accurate that she used terms like ‘birthing persons’ and ‘pregnant-capable people,’ which is the word that I use, because it’s important we have technical accuracy,” said a professor, referring to the first time the term was used in Washington. 

But what are the larger consequences of these words?

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Is anyone surprised that Biden is failing miserably at this big goal?

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How this couple held an impromptu wedding so that mom could attend

Overhead view of bride and groom holding hands
Image Source: Today

As Carley Auddino’s mother battled stage four lung cancer, Auddino and her fiancé worried about how much time they had left with Taura. In an effort to include Carley’s mom in their upcoming wedding, they decided to have a small ceremony at the hospital where Taura was being treated. 

“She has fought really, really hard … when she was first intubated, they kind of were preparing us for the worst … [We] really weren’t sure that she was going to pull through. She has fought so long and so hard and she wanted to be at this wedding, so I wanted to do everything in my power to do something that she could be part of,” said Carley Auddino. 

What happened at the Ohio couple’s hospital wedding, and how did it compare to their larger celebration on June 5?

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