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NSC Official Testifies Trump Phone Call Wasn’t Illegal


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NSC Official Testifies Trump Phone Call Wasn’t Illegal

In a direct blow to the Democrat’s claim that Trump’s Ukraine phone call was illegal, an NSC official has testified that there was nothing wrong with the call.

Top National Security Council official Tim Morrison told the impeachment inquiry that nothing illegal happened during the infamous call. Morrison is the senior director for European Affairs for the NSC, so he’s undoubtedly an expert on these kinds of issues.

Morrison testified that he listened in on the call from the situation room and reiterated that he “was not concerned that anything illegal was discussed.”

You’re probably wondering why you haven’t heard anything about this in the Main Stream Media. Well, that’s because journalists at The Blaze had to dig through transcripts to find the testimony.

This type of information burying is why Republicans have been adamant that the impeachment proceedings should have been public from day one.

There is much, much more in Morrison’s testimony that you need to read.

Hardly any media outlets seem to be covering this news so far, which you can follow here.


White House Watch

Senate Democrats Fail To Roll Back Trump Healthcare Initiative

The White House press secretary released a statement announcing the defeat of a Senate bill on Wednesday that would have rolled back Trump’s State Innovation Waiver program.

The bill was a push by Democrats to try and up-end Trump’s program that aims to give states flexibility in providing low-cost healthcare for Americans without cumbersome and expensive government intervention.

Thirteen Republican and Democrat-controlled states are already making use of the waiver program.

The failed attempt at the hands of the Senate Democrats is just another example of a party bent on spending your tax money while driving up the cost of healthcare.

Take a moment and read the press secretary’s full statement of the bill’s defeat here.


Spin Control

Democrats Claim Impeachment Vote was Bipartisan

In a brazen case of outright lying, House Democrats claimed that Thursday’s impeachment vote was “bipartisan” because Independent Justin Amish voted for the bill.

Maybe the Democrats didn’t get the memo, but Amish very publicly left the Republican party back in July.

As you all know, a single vote from an Independent doesn’t make a bill bipartisan when all other votes for the measure were from Democrats.

Such a stance is, of course, an attempt by the Democrats to claim they have a bipartisan mandate to move ahead with the impeachment inquiry.

Meanwhile, members within their own party are questioning why Democrats seem fixated on impeachment rather than working on issues that we the people care about, such as infrastructure repair and spending control.

You can read the Liberal spin right here.


Everyday America

Man Wins Lottery While Headed To His Final Chemo Appointment

A local North Carolina man won big on a scratch-off ticket on his way to get his last chemo treatment.

Ronnie Foster, who is battling colon cancer, was headed for his last round of chemotherapy when he stopped at a convenience store and bought some scratch-off lottery tickets.

His first one was a bust, so he traded it in for two more. On the third try, however, he managed to win $200,000.

Here’s to hoping Ronnie enjoys the money and stays cancer-free!

You can read the entire remarkable story here.

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