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Republicans Storm Secret Impeachment Hearing


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 Republicans Storm Secret Impeachment Hearing

A dozen House Republicans forced themselves into a secure room where Democrats are holding closed impeachment hearings.

The conservative representatives are demanding that Democratic House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff stop conducting the hearings under a cloak of secrecy.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) stated that Democrats should refrain from holding the hearings in secret and allow the American people to witness the proceedings.

Such a critical process needs to be happening in the light of day so that we the people can see what exactly the Democrats are trying to do.

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White House Watch

Trump Announces Permanent Cease-Fire In Syria

The White House released comments from President Trump this week announcing that Turkey had agreed to a permanent cease-fire in the ongoing Syria conflict.

Trump made it clear that the outcome was solely due to the United States’ efforts in the region, even though other nations have been trying to handle turmoil in the area for decades.

While the Democrats are stuck on Trump’s decision to take our military forces out of Syria, the White House has been working on real solutions.

We’ve known for some time that extended conflicts overseas are not in America’s best interests.

While Trump acknowledged that the situation in the Middle East is often fluid, he genuinely believes that the cease-fire is permanent.

Let’s see what Democrats have to say about that.

You can read Trump’s full comments here.


Spin Control

Democrats Spin Importance of Star Impeachment Witness

The Democrats are over-blowing the importance of Ambassador Bill Taylor’s testimony regarding the Trump impeachment proceedings.

Liberals have rallied around Taylor as a critical witness, despite the ambassador not having first-hand knowledge of the so-called Ukraine Phone Call – the very issue that sparked the impeachment inquiry.

Taylor did not learn about the details of the phone call until after the fact. So far, all Taylor has offered are second-hand details of conversations had with other administration officials. Taylor has provided no actual information on the supposed quid pro quo offer to Ukraine.

Despite that, the Democrats have called Taylor their “star witness” and have described his testimony as “game-changing.” The Democrats must be playing checkers while the rest of us are playing chess.

For more information about the details of Taylor’s testimony, you can read more here.


Everyday America

Cop Buys Car Seats Instead Of Writing Ticket

In an impressive act of professional kindness, a Milwaukee police officer bought a struggling mom two brand new car seats instead of writing her a ticket.

Officer Kevin Zimmerman pulled over Lashae Jackson for improper registration. When he approached her vehicle, Officer Zimmerman asked why her two young children weren’t in car seats.

When Jackson said it was because she couldn’t afford them, Zimmerman went to Wal-Mart and purchased two car seats at his own expense.

Zimmerman went to Jackson’s home, installed the new seats, and issued Jackson a verbal warning.

Now that’s some good community police work!

You can read the full story here.

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