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Trump Lawyers Strike Deal Over President’s Tax Returns


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 Trump Lawyers Strike Deal Over President’s Tax Returns

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about it, but the Democrats’ obsession with Trump’s tax information doesn’t seem to be ending soon.

Trump’s lawyers, however, were able to pressure the Manhattan DA to hold off on enforcing a grand jury subpoena demanding Trump give up his tax records.

The agreement means Trump’s tax returns will remain private until a pending case before an appeals court wraps up, or until the Supreme Court takes up the case and issues a definitive ruling.

In all honesty, such a strategy seems to be the best route as the Supreme Court is unlikely to be willing to set such a dangerous precedent of requiring a sitting president to reveal sensitive information.

You can read more about the ongoing legal battle here. 


White House Watch

White House Announces Additional Aid to Syria

The White House Press Secretary has announced that President Trump authorized $4.5 million in additional aid to the Syria Civil Defense, showing that America can help other nations during complicated conflicts without involving our military forces for extended periods.

The SCD has helped to rescue over 115,000 people during the Syrian conflict, including religious minorities.

There’s still no word from the Democrats on how they’ll spin this information to argue that Trump’s additional aid somehow damages America’s interests abroad, but you can bet they will.

You can check out the full press release here. 


Spin Control

Wealthy Liberals Demand Higher Taxes

Under the guise of wanting the government to provide better public services, several wealthy liberals have signed a letter asking the government to tax them more.

Champions of liberal causes such as George Soros, Abigail Disney, and Chris Hughes – co-founder of Facebook, are all begging the government to take more of their money. Their spin is that the government would be more efficient at helping the less fortunate than private charitable organizations.

Well, as many of you are already asking, what’s keeping them from freely giving more money to the IRS? Maybe they don’t realize that the US Treasury takes donations?

At any rate, such an argument is dangerous thinking because it will impact regular, hardworking people like you. Such increases won’t just focus on income, but any form of property of real value that you own.

For details on the letter, you can read more here.  


Everyday America

Video Doorbell Captures Acts Of Kindness

A hardworking Missouri Sanitation worker by the name of Billy Shelby has become a local hero after helping an older woman who fell in her driveway trying to retrieve her trash bin.

The act of kindness didn’t stop there. Since then, the woman’s daughter began to notice that Shelby was helping the older woman by retrieving her trash bin and helping her walk back to her house.

The warm gesture was caught on camera by a Ring video doorbell that Colette Kingston, the elderly lady’s daughter, had installed to keep an eye on her 88-year-old mother.

In the video, Shelby can be heard complimenting the woman who has dementia, all while he safely escorts her back to her home.

You can read more about this remarkable act of kindness by an everyday American here.

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