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Sanders is reshaping the DNC platform


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Sanders is reshaping the DNC platform

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is chair of the platform drafting committee for the DNC. She also happens to be on a short list of people that Biden may pick as his VP.

The mayor let it slip recently that none other than Bernie Sanders has significant influence in drafting the official platform for the party.

The document outlines the policy positions of the Democratic Party as it heads into the 2020 election.

Is this a political favor paid to Biden for his support of the Biden candidacy? And how far left will the platform go?

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This neglected sector is finally taking the lead

Despite the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, there’s a sector that looks like it’s about to take the lead after lagging behind the broader stock market.

While tech has driven the rise of Wall Street for some time, it could begin to lose steam.

If that happens, the money has to go somewhere.

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The hard truth about 5G…

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5G will change your life…

5G will usher in the new Industrial Revolution.

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