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The liberal media is already downplaying the vaccine


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The liberal media is already downplaying the vaccine

The liberal media is already downplaying the vaccine
Image Source: Startup Health

We knew it was coming, but it’s happening a lot faster than we anticipated.

Liberal pundits are already downplaying the impact a vaccine will have on the pandemic. Dr. Gupta on CNN has already warned Americans that getting the vaccine doesn’t mean masks and stay-at-home orders will go away.

Hearing that, why would anyone want to get the vaccine now? But you can be sure the same people saying the vaccine is pointless will also criticize Americans who decide not to get it. And why would they if it means nothing will change?

That’s what’s so frustrating about the never-ending power grab that liberals are always trying to pull. They continue to reach for more control over the citizenry yet have a complete meltdown when things backfire.

Get the vaccine but stay stuck at home wearing a mask, or expect to be shamed for not wanting the vaccine? It’s an idiotic catch-22 that doesn’t have to exist in the first place.

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Everyday America

How Dolly Parton saved the life of a 9-year-old

Sixteen-year-old Tristan, 13-year-old Tyson, and 9-year-old Talia with Dolly
Image Source: Tonia Abruzzo Hill

There are few celebrities that gain such a massive following as Dolly Parton has because of their charitable work and all-around niceness.

After helping fund one of the most effective vaccines at the peak of the pandemic, Parton continued her life-saving work by snatching a 9-year-old dancer out of harm’s way on a movie set.

The incident happened while filming Parton’s upcoming holiday musical. One of the young dancers cast in the movie was pulled to safety by Parton just as she stepped in the path of a moving vehicle.

Is there anything that Parton can’t do?

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