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The White House still refuses to give credit to Operation Warp Speed


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The White House still refuses to give credit to Operation Warp Speed

The White House still refuses to give credit to Operation Warp Speed
Image Source: Chip Somodevilla

The White House is still refusing to give Trump’s Operation Warp Speed the credit it deserves for expediting the development of vaccines during the peak of the global pandemic.

But national health officials, including Dr. Fauci’s boss at the National Institutes of Health, have praised the initiative for essentially making the impossible happen. Rather than the traditional 10-15 year development time for a vaccine, OWS made a vaccine feasible in under a year. For many experts, that’s nothing short of a modern medical miracle.

The mainstream media already called out the Biden administration for claiming they had to start from scratch when it came to managing the vaccine rollout.

If the White House continues down this path, even the media will start to get tired of it. Journalists are already getting impatient with Biden’s refusal to hold his first solo press conference. Even the liberal media has its limits to how long it can make excuses for this administration.

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Everyday America

Doctors and nurses pack into SUV to save premature baby’s life

Doctors and nurses pack into SUV to save premature baby's life
Image Source: Sunny Skyz

Medical professionals in Austin are being hailed as heroes after taking extraordinary measures to save the life of a premature baby born during the recent winter storm.

Kimberly Arias began to go into labor on February 17th at just 24 weeks. After arriving at Baylor Scott & White hospital in Marble Falls, Arias gave birth to her daughter Zaylynn, who weighed just over one pound.

Zaylynn needed emergency neonatal care that the local hospital couldn’t provide. With the winter storm already gripping the state of Texas, many hospitals were unable to help. But staff at Baylor Scott & White finally contacted a doctor 55 miles away that was willing to help out.

Dr. John Loyd, division neonatologist chief at Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin, Texas, packed up his SUV with the necessary equipment and made the drive with two neonatal nurses to save Zaylynn.

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