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This is what Trump had to say about Fauci and Birx’s latest comments


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Rand Paul calls for more resistance against harsh pandemic rules

Rand Paul
Image Source: NBC News

Senator Rand Paul is calling on Americans to put up “more resistance” against harsh pandemic rules in a bid to push the country back to some level of normalcy.

“So we do have to have more resistance. The best resistance I’ve seen is from the restaurant owners. And in my state, they finally stood up to the governor and said, ‘Hell no, we’re not going to listen to you anymore,” said Paul during a recent interview.

For Paul, the question is whether America will ever “go back to normal again.”

Small business owners around the country have lost their patience with local, state, and federal government officials over keeping much of the economy on lockdown throughout the pandemic.

And for Rand Paul, enough is finally enough. How long will we continue to ruin lives and destroy jobs?

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Everyday America

Goodwill employee helps return $42K found in a donated sweater

Frank Holland, the Goodwill VP of Donated Goods, presented Lessing with the cash reward.
Image Source: Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma

A Goodwill employee had quite a surprise when she found more than $40,000 in cash tucked away in some old donated sweaters. It’s the largest cash find in Oklahoma Goodwill history – but that was not the biggest surprise for the woman as the integrity she showed after finding it paid off.

A lot of money has been found tucked away in items donated to Goodwill, but they’ve never found anything like this before.

Along with the cash there were documents with information that helped track down the owner – something also highly unusual. The owner of the money wanted to remain anonymous – but they did want to thank her for the integrity she showed that day by giving her $1000.

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