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This is what Trump is saying about Fox News


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This is what Trump is saying about Fox News

Donal Trump speaking
Image Source: Newsmax

The President is becoming more vocal in his criticism of Fox News, saying the channel is now “virtually unwatchable.”

In a recent tweet, Trump advised conservatives to start watching other news agencies, arguing that “almost anything else” is better than Fox News right now.

The network and Trump have had a rocky relationship over the last four years. At one point, Trump publicly stated Fox was his favorite news source. But the channel has become increasingly hostile toward the president and conservatives in general.

The changes are noticeable enough that they’re already impacting Fox’s ratings, sending them downward when pitted against competitors like MSNBC.

Will Trump’s comments convince more conservatives to abandon the once right-leaning network?

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Everyday America

Entrepreneurs surprise shoppers with free groceries

Shopper holding up her Kroger receipt
Image Source: MSN

In Georgia, a group of entrepreneurs surprised shoppers when they took over the registers at an Atlanta-area supermarket for two hours and paid for around $40,000 in groceries.

It was a generous act of goodwill just days before Thanksgiving when a band of entrepreneurs blessed customers with free groceries at a Kroger in Decatur, Georgia.

The group’s acts of charity didn’t end at the registers. They also paid for drivers to fill up at local gas stations.

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