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What you need to know about the Senate passing this defense bill


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What you need to know about the Senate passing this defense bill

What you need to know about the Senate passing this defense bill
Image Source: Fox News

Despite threats of a veto from the president, the Senate passed a 2021 defense bill with a veto-proof majority.

Trump vowed to veto the bill if lawmakers failed to add a clause closing the Section 230 loophole that protects social media giants from liability over content posted to their platforms.

The House already passed the same legislation with its own veto-proof majority. If Trump sticks to his guns and vetoes the bill, it’s highly unlikely it will stick unless enough members of Congress change their votes.

The passing of the legislation marks a rare break between GOP leadership and President Trump. The reason could be linked to a 3% raise for service members that is attached to the bill. Few members of Congress want to go on record as blocking a much-needed raise for members of the military.

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Everyday America

How a secret Santa just made the holidays a bit brighter

Santa shushing
Image Source: Medium

In Tennessee, the manager of a Walmart store said a secret Santa came in and paid nearly $65k to cover the cost of all current layaway items.

One customer at the store said he was initially confused when he received a message saying his layaway purchases had been paid off and were ready for pick-up.

The beneficiaries of the kind act are incredibly thankful, with some wishing they knew who the secret Santa was so they could thank them by name.

You can read all the details of this heartwarming story here!

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